A brief history... 

Natasha is a a mother of two precious girls and married to the man of her dreams. She lives with her husband, children and fuzzy son (A Rotty/Pitt mix, named Lore.) in a small town of North Carolina. She enjoys relaxing cups of tea, strong cups of coffee and playing with her kids and dog out in the sun.

After being born and raised for the first five years of her life in Frankfurt, Germany, Natasha then moved to the states with her family, (Mother, father and two brothers). She was raised on a military base and lived to play out doors, or sit in front of a television on Saturday mornings. Throughout Natasha's life, she has had a love for stories. Whether they were movies, cartoons, made up by a friend or written in a book, she would devour them eagerly. 

After many years of scribbling away on endless piles of notebooks and papers, she decided to take a break from poetry and musings to write a full book. As the task went on, she found countless stories begging to be told. Everything from Paranormal to Sci-fi and more. She writes the Otherworldly Prophecies series, and continues to write additional stand alone novels between the O.P. series release dates.

In the winter of 2013, Natasha partnered up with author Michael Loring to start a community for aspiring and seasoned authors. Stand Alone Authors quickly grew, and became a major hit in the indie community as a "one stop shop" for authors of every kind. In the spring of 2014, they expanded into a YouTube channel. Their host, Andrew Ginier, talks about many things that authors may face on their writing and publishing journey.

Natasha hopes to only grow in her writing and in the community that she has created for independent authors. She loves the people that she has come to know from being an independent author. Often she says, she wouldn't trade it for the world. She's a writer, she's a reader and she's a supermom!

Her community webpage: www.StandAloneAuthors.webs.com

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Happy reading!